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For this purpose I establish relationships and upgrades between my different works, as if in each one I found something more to add to a sort of operatic instruction manual. Almost like a method. Vontade de Ter Vontade A Willingness to will complies with this trail of though. But if at the end of each work I gather I have addressed specific questions regarding the artistic labor, in each work the beginning is always quite the same — to not know anything but a detonating image. This piece was born out of a feeling of generational confrontation, which I get from many of my students. This confrontation made me think on my own generation and the way I relate with the previous and precedent generations. Such movement of heading supposedly towards for the future and backwards into the past ended up placing me in a kind of present. Thus was born the galvanizing image of this new work: the transformation of a stage into a territory — Portugal. Vontade de Ter Vontade becomes a path where individual, collective, personal and historic dimensions cohabit in the same space.

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